Camper Contact

Camper mail, e-mail and phone

Camper mail is delivered and picked up from Cohutta Springs daily.  Address camper letters to:(Your Camper's Name), Cohutta Springs Youth Camp, 1181 Cohutta Springs Rd., Crandall, GA  30711.  Or you can bring your mail to Camper Check-in and it will be distributed throughout the week.

Camper email: Please click here for instructions on how to send one-way email to a camper.

Call the main office to have your questions answered, 706-602-7346.  If you need to call you child, please do so if it is an emergency only, 706-517-2280. 

Note: Emails are delivered at noon line call each day. The last emails of the week are printed at noon on Saturday. Emails sent after 12:00 noon on Saturday will not be delivered. No mail delivery on Sundays.