REG Camp

At "REG" Camps, you get it all! Choose your morning attraction and then rotate to different activities each afternoon. Give yourself seven days, and you'll have had a taste of everything!


These popular camps are for ages 10-12.  Each morning the camper will participate in the activity chosen during registration and then rotate to different activities in the afternoon.



This week of camp is for ages 10-13.  This is a Junior Camp that includes 13 year olds. Each morning the camper will participate in the activity chosen during registration and then rotate to different activities in the afternoon. If you aren’t quite ready for Teen Camp or if you want to attend with a younger friend or sibling, this week is for you.  


A highlight for teen camps is the Teen Extravaganza with an themed dinner on Thursday night.  Each year it features a different theme, the tastiest food and the finest in entertainment.  The excitement of the night continues with an extra special campfire program.


This is an extension of our REG Teen Camp program for ages 16-18, which means you'll be assigned to a cabin just for Rock Solid campers.  During the week, you'll get to continue your journey with God while enjoying Cohutta Springs' attractions, activities, and programs.  As an older teen, you'll have a chance to be an incredibly positive influence while at camp!


2019 REG Camp Schedule


The following attractions are available:



Spend half the class time improving your marksmanship on Cohutta's archery range and the other half building your own model rocket.  Of course, special safety rules are observed to make sure everyone has a fun, safe time.  Come give it a shot!



Because of it's popularity, basketball is it's own attraction. Focus on developing your skills all week. Our athletic staff will help you take your game to the next level. (Not available during Teen I due to Basketball RAD Camp)



Jumping, racing, speeding, swerving - all the thrills and spills of BMX biking are packed into one week!  From the beginner to the pro, Cohutta Springs’ very own BMX racetrack is challenging, exciting and lots of fun. Bikes and helmets provided.



Enjoy the unique creativity of our instructor and come join the fun.  Cohutta Springs’ Creative Arts -  where imagination meets reality. (not available at Teen Camps)



Come learn how to shoot like the pros. Imagine spending each morning capturing the wonder of Cohutta Springs.  We'll provide the camera or you can bring your own.  Your best photos could end up on the website, on Facebook, or even win "photo of the week!" Give it a shot.



Come learn the secret behind the awesome plays at Cohutta Springs!  Our drama program will improve your acting skills, peer communication skills, ability to stand and speak in front of a group, eye contact, body control, projection, diction and confidence. Come join us on stage!



With so many requests to fish the many ideal locations of Cohutta, we offer this attraction, and there are fish to be caught! Bring your own pole or use camp gear to participate in our catch and release program. Who will catch the biggest fish of the summer? It could be you!



While this is a multi-week camp, we are offering a one-week attraction for campers to "try it on for size."  Many are benefiting greatly from learning first hand how to live a healthy and fit life. Come see what everyone is getting excited about at Cohutta Springs!  (See FitLife Camp for more details)



You'll experience power tumbling, acrobatics, balance and flexibility. For physical challenge and lots of thrills, this sport is hard to beat. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate you'll enjoy Cohutta Springs’ Gymnastics.



Get hands-on experience with saddling, grooming and caring for your camp horse. Each day, you'll saddle up and enjoy trail rides through the beautiful Cohutta wilderness. Our certified instructors will evaluate all riders to best place them in a class level that is challenging and fun. Come ride the trails with us!



With more than 7 miles of single track trail, you'll see parts of Cohutta Springs property that most campers never will.  Come get into the deep woods and experience Cohutta's high country as you develop your knowledge and skills in this growing sport. Bikes and helmets provided.



If you want to go back in time, make crafts from the Smoky Mountains and learn about Appalachian crafts, then you will totally enjoy Mountain Lore. It is a unique experience offered only by Cohutta Springs Youth Camp. Y'all come!



Now you can learn how to play the guitar and lead camp songs from Cohutta Springs’ fine music staff. Learn chords, strumming and leadership skills. We'll provide a guitar or bring your own.  If you like to sing and play the guitar, you'll love this attraction.



Cohutta's sports/soccer class will help sharpen skills and develop new ones in your favorite team sport. You'll experience a different sport each morning, except Teen II, where campers will experience Soccer each morning.  Join the fun and challenging games.



Cohutta Springs swimming program offers five levels of swimming taught by our American Red Cross certified instructors.  As part of this activity, you’ll also get to enjoy the blob, waterslide, and rope swing.



In videography, you can capture the exciting Cohutta Springs' activities as you create your own souvenir video. We'll provide you with an instructor and all the high quality equipment you need to learn about digital cameras and digital editing.



The Will Green Wake Park is a popular new attraction. It is for beginner to advanced riders. From learning to ride, carving corners, grinding rails, catching air off of the jumps, to throwing 360's and flips, the sky is truly the limit for you!



Talk about fun in the sun! With two Nautiques (industry-leading boats) and a full line of Liquid Force ski and wakeboard gear, this is a very popular camp activity. Our experienced boat drivers and top-notch instructors, look forward to helping you, whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider.



It's just you, some basic necessities, and the forest.  Instructors will teach you how to survive and thrive in nature. Learn edible plants, shelter making, camp cookery, and fire building in the Cohutta wilderness. Overnight wilderness camping included.