"This was my sons’ first year, and he loved it.  I love that I can let him be on his own and build confidence, friendships, and a stronger faith in a safe environment."

"My daughter absolutely loves this camp!!!  She can’t stop talking about it for weeks when she returns home."

"I’m so thankful to see my boy coming home back from the camp open and positive.  It’s hard to believe that just one week can turn my stubborn teenager into a nice young man.  His usual response to everything was “whatever” or “I don’t care”.  Now he’s sharing with us his plans about improving his personality and getting education.  It’s amazing!  God bless you!"

"Having worked for Rob nearly 20 years ago, I had no reservations sending my 7 year old to her first overnight camp adventure.  I knew her counselor would be awesome and she would have a fantastic experience.  Was not disappointed.  Hearing her sing and tell me the stories from campfire and camp council was incredible.  I don’t think as a counselor I every comprehended the true impact of such a great program.  Thanks to all!!"

"The counselors provided a spiritually uplifting environment for my children.  The staff showed my son that it’s cool to love Jesus.  Praise the Lord, my son requested to be re-baptized."

"My daughter went to Cohutta Springs for the first time, and she enjoyed the camp a lot.  My daughter was very moved by this camp.  The counselors and staff were very nice to my daughter.  She loved the camp so much that she is looking forward to next summer."

"I went to camp every summer in Virginia and I love that my son gets to have a similar experience.  You should know that he and his friends ALWAYS mention the play about Jesus’ sacrifice and how touching it was!  That’s why we send them!!  Thank you!!"

"Thank you Cohutta Staff!  You made a huge impact on the spiritual life of my teenage daughter.  She has made significant changes in her life because of you and is on a better spiritual track and feels better about herself and her future.  Her experience was more than I could have hoped for!  The people (staff) make the difference, it isn’t just the place.  Keep up the great work, you are bringing souls to Christ!  There is no better reward for any work you can do!!"

"Having spent many summers there myself in the 80’s I wanted my daughter to have the same wonderful experience.  Thanks to the campership fund and family friends, I was able to go every summer.  We now send our daughter for 2 weeks every summer!  It’s totally worth the money."