RAD Camp

RAD Camps let you concentrate on a specialty - all day, every day. Enjoy your favorite activity to the "max"!


RAD Camp

RAD Camps let you concentrate on a specialty - all day, every day.  Enjoy your favorite activity to the "max"!

RAD² Camp

Multi-Week programs designed for campers to achieve significant goals in their life, in the areas of health and wellness (FitLife) and spiritual foundation (DiscipleTrek) for the times in which we live.


2019 RAD Camp Schedule


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RAD Camp Descriptions:



This camp is a slam dunk! It’s open to guys and girls, of any skill level, who want to improve their game, develop a winning attitude and have fun on the court. If you’re a basketball enthusiast, this is one camp you don’t want to miss!

ages:  13-18
Limit: 20 guys, 10 girls


DiscipleTrek CAMP

This camp is a three week journey into Jesus’ life and the incredible truths God has revealed about Himself through His Son, Jesus, and His Word, the Bible. What does our Creator, the deity who breathed stars into existence, want to tell you? By the end of this adventure, you’ll know. Whether you’re a new Christian, just getting started on your walk, or a teen who’s been walking with Jesus their whole life, your relationship with Him will become deeper and stronger!


ages: 15-18
limit: 40

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FitLife CAMP

This camp is all about the physical aspect of the abundant life Jesus promises us in John 10:10. Learn about eating right and growing strong during the morning attraction and enjoying CSYC's activity rotations in the afternoon. Each day, our fitness staff will help you discover how to life a fit life, like learning the eight principles of health, doing fun, muscle-building exercises, and participating in food preparation. Throughout the two weeks, you’ll develop a sense of what your body really wants and needs for optimum living! This camp is for young people of all shapes and sizes who want to be fit for life! Come join the CSYC Health Club! Also available as a one week attraction.

ages 10-13
limit 20



CSYC now offers an American Red Cross Lifeguard course.  Please note qualifications:  pass an intermediate swimming competency test, have a well-developed front crawl/ breaststroke, above average in health/fitness, and weigh more than 100 pounds.  Those who complete and pass all the requirements will receive the Red Cross Lifeguard certification which includes CPR & First Aid certification.

ages 15 - 18
limit: 8



Enjoy our woods course as you play this amazing game of paintball tag.  This popular RAD Camp (offered for three sessions) is complete with equipment, safety gear and a ration of paintballs. (Additional paintballs will be available in the Cohutta Springs  store.)

limit: 16/week



Horses, super staff, good food and new friends! Experienced guides and horsemanship instructors will make this a great adventure. You'll enjoy an outpost horse camp, tent camping, and daily rides in the Cohutta Wilderness.  It'll be the best week of your summer.  Make arrangements with the camp office if you wish to bring your own horse. (Intermediate & advanced riders only.)

limit: 10 



(Staff in Training/Counselor in Training/Wrangler in Training)

If you are interested in working at a summer camp some day, this is your chance to see what being a staff member is all about.  You won’t be guaranteed a job, but we’ll get a chance to know you better and you’ll be better prepared to be successful in any workplace.

ages:  15-18
sit/CIT limit:10
wit limit: 2/week



This incredible camp combines activities like whitewater rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking. If you like the great outdoors, tent camping, and want to experience multiple RAD activities, this camp is for you!  All equipment is included in the camp fee. 

limit: 10 



With the best equipment (Air Nautique, Liquid Force and Ronix), this “behind the boat rage” is a must. Spend your week tent camping and wakeboarding all day at Carters Lake.  Our own experienced instructors will amaze you and help you increase your skills dramatically. Come catch some air!

limit: 14



Our region provides some of the finest rivers in the country.  Learn kayaking skills as well as experiencing the thrills of whitewater rafting. This exciting RAD Camp will include unbelievable scenery and refreshing rivers.  It will probably be the coolest week of your summer! 

limit: 10